Skora Tempo Shoe Review


Skora Tempo Shoe Review

ISkora Tempo Shoe General Info:

The Tempo has been the most padded entrance up to now of Skora, increasing the cushioning extended in the Combination and the shape at the forefoot and heel pile to 22mm.

Much like the other offers of Skora, the appearance is identifying and brassy, brightly colored.

Skora defines the Tempo as either a transitional shoe for most people seeking to get to a”organic” (i.e. fore- midfoot) gait, or even for anybody searching for more”lavish within their own journey,” and onto both components, it provides.

By Skora criteria, the toe box is in terms of match .

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Skora Tempo Sole Info

The soles have some heft to them. Midfoot flexibility and the edges supply a ride.

Zero fall heel-to-toe differential promotes a natural stride, even though can overstress pliers for runners.

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Skora Tempo Upper Info

The mesh offers venting that is welcome particularly however it is so sheer you could watch your socks.

Because the orange insole can blot That is unfortunate. The toe box that is oversize is more still also more welcome for fore- and – midfoot strikers who crave fur spread.

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Skora Tempo Conclusions

As a runner that was minimal, the Tempos, using their padded sole, felt for me personally.

Annoyingly, I kept getting exactly the identical blister on the bunion of a single foot, which restricted my urge to lace up them as a go-to for extended runs; my intuition is that moving down a half dimensions would have prevented the excess movement that resulted in the friction.

That the Tempos’ characteristics could make it ideal for a midfoot runner mucho miles.

We invite the fine folks at Skora for sending a set of Tempo to check. This didn’t affect the results of the inspection, after running over 50 miles inside them composed.

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  • Wide toe box
  • Really breathable upper
  • Plush cushioning
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  • Runs big
  • Might Feel thick/clunky to Authentic Chic runners
  • Turns socks orange
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The Skora Tempo joins a minimalist upper.

From the box, that the Tempo is a shoe. It is like the people widened the Cable box into proportions, at Skora chose a racing shoe top, then glued a only.

This combo might be precisely what you’re searching for, or it can feel as embarrassing as it seems.

Skora Tempo Shoe Review
Skora Tempo Shoe Review


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