Nike Flex Control 4 Review

₹ 4,099.00 - ₹ 4,995.00

Profile of this Nike Flex Control 4:

What’s it all for? This set of Nike training shoes is created for mild workouts in or beyond the fitness center. A coating of rubber which provides traction on various surfaces protects its bottom. Its midsole is constructed from a foam which moisturizes landings and facilitates smooth moves that were forward. The upper is built to maintain the foot room clean while preserving foothold.

The Nike Flex Control 4 does not reveal its predecessors’ layouts. The Nike Flex Control 3 needed a cage which incorporated with all the system. Both versions use the Flex midsole for shock attenuation and rubber outsole for grip.

Nike Flex Control 4 Review


Traction. Textured rubber outlines the bottom of this Flex Control 4. It’s teeming with vertical treads that supply a grip both outside and indoor surfaces.

Movement. The borders of the outsole game a curved layout. This structure permits the foot to easily transition to midstance, and to toe-off from landing. The beveled borders on both medial and lateral side of the Nike workout coach also ease fluid side-to-side agility.

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Shock attenuation. The Nike Flex Control 4 is equipped with the newest Flex foam. This cushioning technologies is created from foam that was injected, leading to a coating that’s attuned to reduce the effect with every step.

Flexibility. The Nike Flex is aptly named since it comprises heavy furrows in the forefoot section. These bubbles ease foot bending to encourage transitions that are rapid.

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Protective wrap. A net fabric constitutes the very top of this Flex Control 4. This material is tender, permitting it to adjust for a comfortable fit to the wearer’s foot contour.

Synthetic overlays are found around the heel segments and the forefoot. They reinforce the cloth, therefore it does develop holes or rips. They also assist in keeping the form of the upperbody.

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Just how and sweaty feet will not be a lot of issue with the padded top of this Nike Flex Control 4. It helps air heat and to cool the foot room.

Another quality that promotes comfort when sporting this Nike coach is the foot box. It gives space to distribute, which helps customers.

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A lace-up closure adorns the midfoot of their Flex Control 4. It’s used to loosen or tighten the grip up, to avoid any discomfort. It integrates. Heels safety is amplified by tightening the shoestrings.

The tongue and the collar will be equally cushioned. The foam liner serves to stop blistering and chafing, in addition to from sliding out, preventing the foot.

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5 Reasons to purchase

  • Comfort. Nearly all owners assert the Nike Flex Control 4 seems great to utilize for walking and practice.
  • Weight. Numerous men and women enjoy the general light structure of the Nike training shoes.
  • Stability. According to reviewers, their toes feel when they lift weights or squat implanted.
  • Grip. The outsole of the workout shoe pavements and offers grip gym flooring.
  • Design. Since it pairs with street and workout clothes Lots of shoppers adore the aesthetics of the version.
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Two reasons to not purchase

  • Support. A couple of people wished the Nike Flex Control 4 provides greater arch support.
  • Cushioning. Some users have noticed that the cushioning isn’t thick enough while still running to decrease effect
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Bottom line

The Nike Flex Control 4 provides comfort in every manner. It uses the Flex unit that absorbing effect once the foot lands and boosts moves. The mesh upper keeps the foot clean during work outs. It’s highly suggested to get short, external runs, cardio workouts, and workout.

Nike Flex Control 4 Review
Nike Flex Control 4 Review
₹ 4,099.00 - ₹ 4,995.00


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